The sweet lost lady…

So, what’s going on?, work… And rehearsals with No Jive. It was a long time ago but the new material sounded awesome.

Caught a cold and slept for 36 hours, fever and terrible headache.

working on a new song… Nothing unusual, but I like the sound and the beat…

Got inspiration from a relative who has trouble remembering things.. I wonder if it’s scary or nice…

The other day I walked on the streets of Stockholm when an old lady stopped me and asked if I could help her.

– I hope so, I said.

Then she told me she was on her way to visit a friend and asked me if I could show her the way. I asked her which street she was searching for and she said:

-That’s the problem, I don’t remember the name of the street… It’s just three or four letters and one of then is o…

– Bondegatan? It’s just there, I said and pionted. amn

She said no, and smiled. I asked her if we could call someone for help but she said that she couldn’t remember any numbers… I tried to find a way to help her but then she said thank you and wanted to try to recognize the streets name by walking around…

-I’m a little confused you know, she said and smiled again.

-Maybe I’ll remember the name if I see it… And she went away..

She was so sweet and I wonder if she reached the right street.

My latest song is called Amnesia.

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