I love these early mornings…

That’s what I call rock! The music compound “Ormen” celebrated 35 years yesterday. Five bands on stage. Edgar Quartet, Swordflames, PMP, Bodies and last Lokalbefolkningen. I’m impressed about the quality and  how the musicians delivered energy. Among these musicians I was the only woman. I wonder why. When I passed the bar I got a big surprise. The drummer and bass player from my old female band Krakel Zpektakel showed up to listen to us. That made me really happy and at the after party we had serious discussions about putting the band together again.  Maybe next year there will be more women on that stage… Lokalbefolkningen did a great gig again and I’m proud of being a member in this band. We started with Bimbo witch is very rough in our version. We only played uptempo songs this time and it was very hot on stage. I had a great time and the audience called for two extra songs. When I came home at four o’clock it was daylight and the birds had their own rockparty among the trees. I love these early mornings…IMGP4855IMGP4864bIMGP4863

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