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A last farewell

Another band died.

Lokalbefolkningen decided to break up.

All of us has other projects going on and there wasn’t enough time.

I will now focus on Asatron and Krakel and do some recordings with other musicians.

You can find the musicians from Lokalbefolkningen here:

Patric PMP https://www.facebook.com/ProgMetalProject/?fref=ts

Jaak, Rickard Patric, Edgar Quartet: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hdx_g-71gwQ

Jaak Rickard Patric: Pär Enqvist band: https://www.facebook.com/parenqvistband

Lokalbefolkningen’s homepage is still available for some time if you want to take a last farewell…


When the tarot card shows death, it means a new start…


Thank you! I had a good time!


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Almost over…

2015 is almost over.

I remember some moments. In the beginning of the year we decided to bury the band No Jive. To find a new drummer and start all over again was to much for us. It was a hard 45584_142896819080035_100000791522440_186622_5297987_n[1]decision but we had a hell of a funeral celebrating with food, wine and belly dancers.

I went to London for an exhibition and an event for expert educators.

I bought a new acoustic guitar.

I celebrated my birthday with a 70-ties inspired party in my garden with 50 guests. There was an open unplugged stage.IMG_0581

The band Krakel Zpektakel decided to celebrate the reunion with a big party and played live at PSB in the beginning of September.

I started to study technique and astronomy and in October I went to nothern Norway to meet astroscientists. In november I went back to Norway for a conference and to visit two awesome schools.

The band Lokalbefolkningen had a couple of gigs and welcomed Lina as a singer but 39503_478255433134_648963134_6661916_5479529_n[1]decided to slow down and take a break at the end of the year.

Some people make promises for the new year. I don’t but I know what to focus on.

I will spend more time in the studio when my studies are over.

The band Krakel Zpektakel will be number one.

I hope Lokalbefolkningen will wake up, if not I’ll search for a new coverband.

Songs released 2015:

Playing my blues (Lyrics Mike Lyzenga)

I can fly

West Virginia

No more (Lyrics Mike Lyzenga)

The Angels don’t know


Angels sigh (Lyrics Mike Lyzenga)

Releases from Krakel Zpektakel:

Inner fire



Releases from Lokalbefolkningen:’

The ballade of Lucy Jordan

Baby when you’re gone

Other things I remember…

I was there when Lenny Kravitz cracked his pants at the concert in Stockholm. I listened to Bridge to Mars and immediately became a fan.


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Today Lokalbefolkningen started new recordings. The plan is three songs. First out is a hit we gave a total makeover… My opinion is that this is the way it should been played… Rickard nailed the drums directly and Jaak And Patrick kept up the high standard with bass and guitar. I recorded two guitars, lead vocals and choirs. When I left the studio the guitarsolo was almost there. All this in three hours! Which song…? No, I’ll keep that as a secret until it’s ready! But I tell you, it’s worth waiting for!


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Applause and whistles

Yesterday I played with Lokalbefolkningen at Eddys bar.

We had a great time and we nailed the new songs perfectly.

Thanks to all of you who were there and welcomed us with applause and whistles  when we entered the bar.

This afternoon I mixed the latest recordings and I Think I got it now…

I fixed a brighter sound to the guitars and edited some of the drum fills.

If I’m still satisfied tomorrow I’ll publish.



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The ballad of Lucy Jordan

starring Cissi and Loke

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check it out


Yesterday I received a proposition from West Virginia.

I’s about a cooperation between me, Mr. Mike Lyzenga and the Huntington Blues Society.

I’m flattered and will tell you more about it in the future.

Check out the Huntington Blues Society here:


I will also recommend  you to keep your eyes and ears open for my friends The Edgar Quartet.

Their music will soon be released on Spotify.

They play heavy rock with tongue in cheek. They are very competent musicians and three of them also play with me in the band Lokalbefolkningen.

Their lyrics are full of humor and they mixes playfulness with seriousness in an ingenious way.

Check out one of their videos here.

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I don’t have to choose

Two songs in the studio… Two naughty pieces of music who go their own way… I just follow and see where they take me… Rehearsal with the girls yesterday was great fun and after all this time we managed to play two of our old hits…

Today recordings with Lokalbefolkningen. Sounded awesome from the very beginning.

I don’t know what’s most fun…Glad I don’t have to choose.


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I should be ashamed of myself…

I have to apologize for missing the comments.

I have nothing to say but –  I’m sorry!

Now I’ve read all the comments and responded to them. I promise to do better in future.


In the studio I have a project going on with many, many guitar tracks…

This weekend I’ll start the mixing process.

On Saturday I play with Lokalbefolkningen at Myrsjöfestivalen.

It’s going to be awesome!

A great band!

We enter the stage about 18.00 and hope for warm weather!

XY2G6060 a



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I’m slowly recovering from the backache. I’ve been treated with dry needling and pills. Feel much better !
This weekend I met the girls from the ancient band Krakel Zpektakel. We had a crayfish party and after a couple of drinks we decided to try to play together again. We have a lot of awsome songs from the past and it’s a pity to let them sink into oblivion.
Today was rehearsal day with Lokalbefolkningen. Two gigs booked, the 5th and 6th of September. The first one is a private party and the second a local festival, Myrsjöfestivalen.
Next week I’ll play with No Jive again after summer vacation.
In the studio I have a heavy project going on but I need some more inspiration….

This picture is taken by the photografer Roland Aalto. Krakel Zpektakel visited the vernissage and enjoyed his photos yesterday. Awesome!

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I love these early mornings…

That’s what I call rock! The music compound “Ormen” celebrated 35 years yesterday. Five bands on stage. Edgar Quartet, Swordflames, PMP, Bodies and last Lokalbefolkningen. I’m impressed about the quality and  how the musicians delivered energy. Among these musicians I was the only woman. I wonder why. When I passed the bar I got a big surprise. The drummer and bass player from my old female band Krakel Zpektakel showed up to listen to us. That made me really happy and at the after party we had serious discussions about putting the band together again.  Maybe next year there will be more women on that stage… Lokalbefolkningen did a great gig again and I’m proud of being a member in this band. We started with Bimbo witch is very rough in our version. We only played uptempo songs this time and it was very hot on stage. I had a great time and the audience called for two extra songs. When I came home at four o’clock it was daylight and the birds had their own rockparty among the trees. I love these early mornings…IMGP4855IMGP4864bIMGP4863

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