I’m slowly recovering from the backache. I’ve been treated with dry needling and pills. Feel much better !
This weekend I met the girls from the ancient band Krakel Zpektakel. We had a crayfish party and after a couple of drinks we decided to try to play together again. We have a lot of awsome songs from the past and it’s a pity to let them sink into oblivion.
Today was rehearsal day with Lokalbefolkningen. Two gigs booked, the 5th and 6th of September. The first one is a private party and the second a local festival, Myrsjöfestivalen.
Next week I’ll play with No Jive again after summer vacation.
In the studio I have a heavy project going on but I need some more inspiration….

This picture is taken by the photografer Roland Aalto. Krakel Zpektakel visited the vernissage and enjoyed his photos yesterday. Awesome!

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