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A last farewell

Another band died.

Lokalbefolkningen decided to break up.

All of us has other projects going on and there wasn’t enough time.

I will now focus on Asatron and Krakel and do some recordings with other musicians.

You can find the musicians from Lokalbefolkningen here:

Patric PMP https://www.facebook.com/ProgMetalProject/?fref=ts

Jaak, Rickard Patric, Edgar Quartet: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hdx_g-71gwQ

Jaak Rickard Patric: Pär Enqvist band: https://www.facebook.com/parenqvistband

Lokalbefolkningen’s homepage is still available for some time if you want to take a last farewell…


When the tarot card shows death, it means a new start…


Thank you! I had a good time!


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Music for the ladies

Spent the weekend rearranging an old hit by Krakel Zpektakel.

This one is totally different from the original and so much better I think. Still in progress though…

Yesterday I listened to Pär Enqvist band.

Swedish rock with interesting lyrics.

Listen to their new album at Spotify.

In “I dina ögon” you can hear my voice in the choirs.


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You rocked too!

Yesterday I rocked with Grevens tid at the music festival in Bagis.
A stage had been built in the square by the fountain and beer was served at the restaurant.
14.00 the band Kjelle Käpp started, great musicians.
16.00 we entered the stage and after us Pär Enkvist finished the evening.
I think we delivered again, rough, loud and well together we played covers with great energy.
I had a lot of fun on stage and after one extra song I was totally wet with sweat.It was a hot sunny day and the stage was placed in the sun…
we got very good reviews from the audience afterwards and I felt proud to play with this awesome band.
With my other band No Jive in the audience I was encouraged to do my very best.
Thanks to the wonderful people in Bagis!
You rocked too!

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I love the stage!

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