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Yesterday I played with Grevens Tid at 100% Orminge,

a traditional festival for people living in Orminge and near by.

It was a lot of fun playing in the place I grew up and still live in.

Earlier in the afternoon you could listen to Mr. Thomas Di Leva, an artist I respect and admire.

later in the night Bockarna Bruce played Springsteen covers.

Many thanks to all of you who made this night so great!

I’m proud to be a Orminge Citizen.

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The music and I

Today was the last rehearsal before the gig100 on Saturday with Grevens Tid.

We were really rocked and now we look forward to meet the audience.


Yesterday I recorded vocals and guitar solo with my old friend Johan. He’s making a single and one of the songs is a duet. I’m proud to be the chosen one for this cooperation. The song in in a different genre from what I usually work with and it’s interesting to try new ways. It’s a beautiful song. His artist name is Joe N’Dranz Inou.

I also nailed the mix of Beds are burning with No Jive and we’ll release it soon.

and… I tried to tune my piano… Not so bad actually (for being the first time).

In the euro vision song contest I liked France best.

There was a lot of music this weekend…

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