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Look what I found

I told you about the crazy street music festival, didn’t I….

Every Wednesday in July The small village Orsa turns to a big party for musicians. I’ve been there three times now and I love to play with people I never met before in the streets, restaurants, beer tents and later at night at the hotel stage. I found this video on youtube and think it shows very well how fun it is. And, yes you can see me and my cousin if you look carefully. It’s strange… Orsa is 370 km away from where I live and has 7000 citizens, but every time I go there I meet someone I know. The people who live there are incredible friendly and crazy, and there are so many awesome musicians. See for yourself 🙂

This video’s from 2010

I have so many stories to tell about this festival… I strongly recommend you to go there.

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