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A good day

Today my music
was played in three podcasts!

Jaycast http://jaycast.mevio.com/

Johnny Rockin’ music show http://johnnyrockin.podomatic.com/

and Westfield Indie alliance show http://www.westfieldrecording.com/

it’s a record for Asatron!

At this same day my likes on facebook reached 100.

Not so special you might think but I’ll remind you that I
know absolutely nothing about marketing and never spent any money on it.

To me it’s a good day and I will thank all of you who
support my music!

It means a lot to me!

It’s actually a bit unreal that the music I record in my
little studio in my bedroom, gets played from New York, Florida, UK, Texas,
Japan etc…

When I started to publish my music I couldn’t dream about this!

I will continue to give my music away for free because I’m
not in this for the money, it’s the passion of creating that’s thrilling me.

Thanks for your support!

You know who you are 🙂

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A drink….

I finally did it!

I bought a trip to Paris…

Just me and my lovely daughters.

We’ve talked about it for a long time and now it’s real…

My latest song “I will survive” is meeting the world…

Westfield indie alliance show, Michael Angels cosmic grab bag, and Dalecast have played it already.

I’m woking hard with my students. I’ve got so may ideas how to use digital techniques in the education…

My house has got a new terrace and I will build the stairs this weekend. Close to the finish now…

working on new songs with the coverband… some Pinkfloyd and Chaka Kahn…

I spilled superglue on my guitar the other day while fixing the tone controll…

Polished it up with shoe shine….

Recorded some new ideas for a new song… Next one will be a slow heavy thing I think…

Have to call my hair stylist…. Havn’t seen her in years… Need a hairmakeover…

and I have to pick up the windscreen wiper I ordered two moths ago….

This weekend I think I will allow myself a drink….

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