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New song released

New song released at last…

I saw you is a bluesier thing that I made in my car

driving home from a gig with No Jive

Four a clock in the morning…

One and a half hours of driving…

This is the resault.

I saw you…

I saw you Cover Art

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On friday I’ll play with the coverband at my favourite place “Grisslinge bar och Bistro“. Friday night live!
No Jive is better than ever and we have some new songs on the list.
I like “Cold day in hell” best. That song really “takes the best of me”…
We have some new equipment and the sound is much better now.
The whole band’s looking forward to this night. We’re hot!
We will give the audience everything we’ve got!
And… something’s happened to my amp…
I’ve fount the perfect guitar sound and I love it!
Warm distortion with a little crisp on the top.
Exactly as I want it.
I searched for the perfect sound for many years and I’ve never been so close before.
This maybe seems a bit crazy, but I discovered it when I turned the speaker upside down….
If you want to know more about the coverband visit our homepage

I love to play in this band!


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A drink….

I finally did it!

I bought a trip to Paris…

Just me and my lovely daughters.

We’ve talked about it for a long time and now it’s real…

My latest song “I will survive” is meeting the world…

Westfield indie alliance show, Michael Angels cosmic grab bag, and Dalecast have played it already.

I’m woking hard with my students. I’ve got so may ideas how to use digital techniques in the education…

My house has got a new terrace and I will build the stairs this weekend. Close to the finish now…

working on new songs with the coverband… some Pinkfloyd and Chaka Kahn…

I spilled superglue on my guitar the other day while fixing the tone controll…

Polished it up with shoe shine….

Recorded some new ideas for a new song… Next one will be a slow heavy thing I think…

Have to call my hair stylist…. Havn’t seen her in years… Need a hairmakeover…

and I have to pick up the windscreen wiper I ordered two moths ago….

This weekend I think I will allow myself a drink….

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The wedding gig

If you can’t play it right – you’re not going to play at all!

Don’t worry…

He was saved by the drummer.

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Just for fun

Put the recording from the rehearsal together with some clips from the latest gigs…

Just for fun…

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Had to cancel the rehearsal With the band this evening. To much snow made the roads to slippery. No jive’s equipment is stored in à trailer on an island north of Stockholm between the rehearsals… Bengt brings it on the car ferry and then drives for about one hour every time… But tonight it was to risky…i had problems keeping My car on the road without trailer… In fact i got stuck on My own parking place…
Asatron hates the snow.
Asatron misses the band…

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ASATRON and No Jive

Rehearsals with the cover band No Jive, yesterday.

I like that a lot… Heavy and loud…

6 totally different persons making magic together, that’s amazing…

My amp. Is now fixed and the warm sound is back!

I’m also on my way taking the singing to the next level….

Working hard on that but the only place for practicing is in my car….

( I drive a lot…)

On some songs I play the bass… That’s a trickier part…

It’s such a heavy instrument and 5 strings are very confusing….

On Saturday we play on a pub in Kalhäll.

We’re going to rock the asses off!

For more info about No Jive go to:


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Busy week

Monday: work,visitors from the It company and 8 hours at the hospital.

Tuesday: work, evening guide for new familys.

wednesday: work, rehearsals with the coverband.

Thursday: IN SET biology

Friday: work

saturday: gig No Jive all night…

Sunday: zzzzzzzz…..

That’s my week, except from all the phonecalls and other practical things I have to do this week…

…My home is a mess…

Hope that’s all…. Long for my studio….

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I’m a fan


Yesterday I went to the pub Big Ben and listened to Pure pleasure.

David, on the guitar, played with us in No Jive before Hasse joined the band.

I’m impressed of these guys, so young and so good…

I recommend you to check them out!

I’m a fan!

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